Introducing the MTGReports Trader Challenge by Matt Anderson

Congratulations to Ryan Yu for having the best performing portfolio!

The Game: Now on MTGReports, you can test and hone your trading skills by making virtual trades against the market. You'll be able to make trades on MTGReports similar to a stock or commodities market. When you sign up, you'll start with a portfolio of $500.00. Players will be ranked from week to week so you'll be able to compare your trading strategy to the community.

The Reward: The winning player will receive a playset of Geist of Saint Traft! (this contest has ended)

Step 1: Sign up for an account.

Step 2: Execute trades from each card details page.


Step 3: Sell your cards/stocks after they've risen in value to prove your financial prowess.

Disclaimer: This is a stock market simulation game. The purpose of this game is for players to test their financial strategies in an environment where no money exchanges hands. At no point in time will any buying/selling/trading of the virtual 'stocks' result in a real profit or loss to the player.

Matt Anderson Photo

About Matt Anderson - Matt is a long time Magic player and has been playing competitively for years. He spends most of his time running obscure three-card combos by his friends such as, Elspeth + Scattershot Archer + Basilisk Collar. Matt plays religiously in Austin at Pats Games.

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